Indie Strategy Game Attack of the Earthlings Delayed to 2018

Attack of the Earthlings

Team Junkfish has announced that its upcoming turn-based strategy game Attack of the Earthlings will miss its projected 2017 release window.

Instead, the developers now plan to release the title on PC in early 2018. The delay has been attributed to an overly optimistic prediction of the development timeframe. However, the team has also blamed the localisation process, as Attack of the Earthlings will be translated into a number of currently undisclosed languages to ensure the game is accessible for users worldwide.

The additional development time will also be used to improve the game’s visuals and audio, with the team also hoping to add Linux and Mac support.

Originally revealed in May, Attack of the Earthlings casts players as an alien race attempting to protect its home planet from the ravages of a human mining operation. The gameplay will resemble that of XCOM and other turn-based strategy titles, though Attack of the Earthlings will include the ability to transform fallen enemies into new friendly unit types with unique abilities. The project will also reportedly feature comic elements, which set it apart from the seriousness of the team’s debut survival-horror experience Monstrum.

For those attending EGX later this month, the game will be playable at the show.

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