Trailer Released For Aragami DLC, Entitled Aragami: Nightfall

aragami nightfall

Almost two years after the release of Lince Works’s stealth action-adventure Aragami, the critically lauded game has new DLC called ‘Nightfall’.

Aragami: ‘Nightfall’ was announced via a trailer, which details two new characters, new levels, weapons, and a focus on co-operative play. Players will take on the role of either Hyo or Shinobu, two assassins who are after a mysterious entity known only as Alchemist. The story acts as a prequel, taking place before the events of the main game.

Story-wise, the expansion looks to answer many of the puzzling questions and mysteries left behind from the original Aragami, whilst bringing a fresh take to the game’s world.

Nightfall’ builds upon Aragami’s already excellent gameplay by providing Shinobu and Hyo with new moves, weapons, powers, and Tenchu-esque finishers. Some of the new powers include the Shadow Grenade, allowing the player to blind foes; an Explosive Kunai; and Twin Shadow, which causes the teammate to target a specific enemy.

Thankfully, the artificial intelligence in Aragami is competent, so single-players can enjoy the DLC’s co-operative focus alone. Further details can be found on company director David Leon’s post on the PlayStation blogAragami: Nightfall will launch on PC and PlayStation 4 sometime soon.

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