All Walls Must Fall Inspirations Include The Terminator, Metropolis

All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall, the upcoming time-travel-based strategy title from inbetweengames, draws inspiration from a number of unexpected sources outside of games.

The developers have been candid on the games that have helped to shape the design of All Walls Must Fall, including X-COM, Rez, Braid, and Superhot, but in OnlySP’s recent interview, the game’s designer, Jan David Hassel, provided details of some of the other media and experiences that have inspired the game:

“[M]ovies in the German Expressionism, tech-noir, neo-noir and time travel genres are a big influence. Metropolis, Looper, Predestination, Source Code, Terminator, John Wick, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, that sort of thing.”

However, films are not the only influence. The team is also influenced by Jeff Noon’s Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel Vurt, and Antony Johnston’s 2013 graphic novel The Coldest City, which will soon receive a film adaptation called Atomic Blonde. Beyond media, however, the team has undertaken further research by visiting the nightclubs of Berlin and gathering “the stories of people that have lived [in the city] longer than [them], often also during the division of the city” in order to impart the game with a sense of authenticity.

Hassel finished by saying that the story of the game is set within a time loop, which is “inherently close to the structure of games themselves, down to the source code running a constant game loop . . . and we want to play with that element also on a narrative level.”

All Walls Must Fall is a turn-based/real-time strategy hybrid set in Berlin in an alternate future where the Cold War never ended. The game is currently on Kickstarter, nearing its third stretch goal of €30,000.

For more details on the game and where the developers want to take it, be sure to check out OnlySP’s interview with inbetweengames, and as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest single-player gaming news.

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