Alice 3 Proposal Being Drafted by American McGee

Alice: Asylum

Maverick game designer American McGee has begun work on a proposal for a third entry in his twisted take on Alice in Wonderland, tentatively titled Alice: Asylum

The announcement was made on McGee’s blog, where he reiterated the success of his recent Kickstarter project Out of the Woods, which raised more than $250,000 from a goal of $175,000. While no details for Alice: Asylum were revealed, the proposal will include a full suite of pre-production documentation, including artwork, a design outline, and plans for a financial model.

McGee plans to submit the proposal to EA (the IP’s licence holder) on its completion, though when that will be remains undetermined. Similarly, a development company for the proposed project remains unconfirmed, as McGee’s studio, Spicy Horse, was shut down in 2016, with the creator shifting his attention to the online shop, Mysterious, and a movable game jam project called Pirate Jam.

American McGee’s Alice franchise began in 2000, with the initial entry being widely praised for its inventive visuals and imaginative reworking of Lewis Carroll’s original texts. A sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, released in 2011, but was less warmly received, with many reviewers criticising the title for bland gameplay design and a lacklustre graphical presentation.

Nevertheless, a third entry in the cult classic series has been regularly asked for, suggesting that an audience certainly exists for it.

The designer’s current project, Out of the Woods, is a tabletop card game set in the world of fairy tales and described as “a dark twist on Uno.”

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