A Way Out Director Planning Something “Very Different” For Next Project


Josef Fares, the director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, has revealed that his next game will be a departure from his previous two projects.

In an interview with Eurogamer and VentureBeat last week, Fares hinted that his upcoming project will be “very different” from the titles produced by Hazelight Studios to date. However, he refused to be drawn on the ideas to be explored, saying only that he wants to answer the question, “How do we make game mechanics that tell a story or create emotions for the player?”

Fares also mentioned that the upcoming title will be “bigger than A Way Out,” but also mentioned that it is unlikely to release for three or four years, with full production set to begin in approximately a month.

During the interview, Fares also confirmed that the project will be published under the EA Originals banner, stating  that he is “with EA” and that he ” [does not care] what publisher [he works] with [because] it’s going to be the same. […] Nobody f***s with the vision.”

The revelation leads on for E3, where EA implied that it will be continuing its relationship with Fares, with the publisher’s chief executive Patrick Söderland stating:

“Stories [like A Way Out] drive our industry, and it’s why we will continue to work with independent developers to help them realise their dreams.”

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